How it's made

We design, craft and source our products from around the world to match the interior interests, quality and style demands of our customers. Our brands reflect this, catering for high-end interior design, through to accessible home furnishings for day-to-day family life.

“Drawing inspiration from materials, nature, and current trends, I thoroughly enjoy creating art pieces with layers of meaning and storytelling for you to explore”


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Designed in New Zealand

Our in-house design team works hard to bring our three unique brands to life. We’re constantly exploring, as part of our extensive design process we identify key trends, which inspire us to develop original prints, seasonal colours, and key fabrications.

Guided by an appreciation of aesthetics and craft, our designs come to life with the help of skilled artisan makers and our own in-house sewing team.

Our product, our passion

For decades now, our family’s passion for textiles and craftsmanship has allowed us to source the most premium products and form longstanding relationships with artisans and textile manufacturers around the world. Quality and design are of the utmost importance to us, and we continuously strive to innovate products with this in mind.

The beauty of handmade

We pride ourselves on the beautiful craftsmanship of our cushions, throws, and floor rugs. Many of our products are handmade by artisans who dye yarns, weave, add embroidered touches, and finish by hand.

The precision, attention to detail, and pride in manufacture is something only achievable in a carefully handmade product. Here at Furtex, we value the unique beauty and feel of these products and attract a clientele who share the same appreciation. We believe each piece tells a story and is an inspiring addition to a space.

Artisan makers

Most of our Baya floor rugs are carefully handwoven in India. The knowledge of our craftspeople is often handed down through generations, using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. These individuals know their craft intimately, from picking the finest yarns and fibres to hand-tufting intricate and multi-coloured designs.

Handcrafted in New Zealand

Our premium faux fur range is designed, meticulously sewn, and finished by our expert tailors here in New Zealand. We source carefully, using the highest quality vegan fibres from around the globe. Our passion and experience in this area have allowed us to have the widest range of faux fur textures, colours, and fibre lengths on the market.

The nuances of handmade pieces

Although we strive for consistency in our products, the complex nature of handmade processes may reveal minor variations in colour, pattern, texture, and size. These are to be expected and are normal marks of craftsmanship. We feel they create beautiful and unique products, we hope you enjoy them.