Ethical Sourcing

Real fur products are a notable part of our heritage. We have taken time to build relationships with trusted suppliers and pride ourselves on our careful and ethical sourcing of animal products. It is of upmost importance to us that welfare and environmental standards are followed in the process of creating these special pieces. Our sourcing below is primarily in relation to our Collezióne Natura brand.


Wool is a renewable and bio-degradable fibre. Sheep and alpaca produce a fleece which is able to be shorn every 9-12 months, making wool a natural and renewable resource. We source our wools from New Zealand and also internationally from places such as Lithuania and India. Baby alpaca is a highly sought-after luxury fibre which is made from the soft downy fur on the neck or chest of adult alpaca. It refers to the grading of the fibre rather than the age of the animal. Our Alpaca fibre comes from the mountains of Peru.


We use feathers as a premium cushion inner fill. We work closely with our feather processors to ensure our feathers are ethically produced and non-live plucked. This certification is in line with animal welfare practices and international agreements. We are currently working for accreditation with external, third party agencies to certify our supply chain with a recognised standard.


Our sheepskins are ethically sourced from Europe, where the animals are farmed as a local food source. These sheepskins are undyed, each hide revealing the animals’ unique colour and marking.

NZ Brushtail Possum

The brushtail possum is a certified pest to New Zealand’s flora and fauna, damaging native forests and attacking the nests of native birds and their young. The skins we source are a product of conservation work to reduce the population of our most destructive pest. Our NZ brushtail possum cushions and throws are carefully tanned, finished and made to order here in New Zealand. Each piece takes days of careful work by our in-house team of skilled tailors.


Our premium cow hides come from farmed animals in Brazil and South America, using trusted suppliers we have worked with for many years. All of our hides are finished using tanning processes which are safe for the environment and local community. Our cow hide cushions are made to order here in New Zealand by our team of tailors.

Tibetan Lamb

Our Tibetan lamb furs and hides are ethically sourced from Tibet and Mongolia. The cushions and throws are made from high quality skins which are hand sewn together in mainland China.

Reindeer Hide

Our hides come from Finland where the animals are farmed as a local food source. Using the fur hide ensures that this beautiful piece is not wasted.